The book

Countless bibliographic sources generally evoke Jean Linden in an evasive and limited manner, and do not bring significant enlightenment on his expeditions, his economic ascent, etc.

One sole monograph fills these gaps. Written by Nicole Ceulemans, the great-great-granddaughter of “Jean Linden, horticulturist and explorer” is a captivating book that immerses the reader in the daily life of this character. Richly illustrated with botanical plates, period engravings and original or old photographs – unpublished for most – the book recounts, through an emblematic figure, a complete microcosm uniting well known botanists, rich plant collectors and lovers, diplomatic relations, markets and flower shows, collectors’ expeditions, etc.

Professors Guido Braem (University of Maryland, University College Europe) and Ronnie Viane (Université de Gand) contributed to this book by inserting several boxes into Nicole Ceulemans’ text: descriptions of plants brought back by Linden, details on the cultivation of exotic plants in the nineteenth century, impact of Linden’s activities on modern botany, etc.

technical specifications of the book
Author: Nicole Ceulemans
Scientific direction: Professor Guido Braem (University of Maryland, University College Europe)
Scientific contributions: Professors Guido Braem and Ronnie Viane
Publisher: Fonds Mercator, Brussels
Languages: French, English
Lay-out: La Page, Brussels (
240 pages, 250 illustrations, 200 colour illustrations
ISBN: 90 6153 630 8