Relations and networks

In the course of an expedition or during its preparation, in the event of congresses or exhibitions, Jean Linden makes frequent contacts with pan-European scientific, political, and economical circles. However, today, the documents testifying of these privileged relations are not accessible to the public, or are simply missing. We could imagine that many people with whom Jean Linden enjoyed these privileged relations have left some correspondence, invoices or other official documents containing useful information in their records, which would allow us to identify the nature of their relations better.

Amongst the many questions that are still unanswered, we will note, amongst others:

Official records could still shed some light on the first Brazilian expedition or could relate to the "more diplomatic" mission conducted in Mexico. Several aspects, such as Linden’s choice of university, his appointment to the post of Scientific Director at the Parc Léopold, or still, his involvement in the Société linnéeenne et de Flore or exhibitions in the Cercle artistique et littéraire, are still blurry. Furthermore, we have still not found an explanation to the mysterious disappearance of the portraits of Jean Linden and his wife that were painted by their son Gaston and offered to the Jardin botanique national de Belgique.